Oh what a stylish wedding!!

Amanda has to be one of the most stylish brides we have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her gown had us in awe & the hair we did couldn't have been more complimentary to her chic style; it was just right for showing off her stunning earrings. She was such a lovely bride, what an addition to our portfolio!

Blue Rose Photography - the incredible talent behind the camera, making these amazing photos possible.

Hair & Makeup for Rocky Mountain Bride V2 New Mexico

Makeup Addicts Annonymous

Girls- let’s face it. We are OBSESSED. And if we are honest- it’s not going to stop. There’s so many techniques and different ways to do it. It's ALWAYS on our mind. There are so many places to get it. And when it's good, it's REALLY good... mua_551-matte

If you too are suffering from a makeup addiction, then…. Come sit by us! In fact, if you are currently spending hours with your girlfriends watching YouTube makeup tutorials, consider doing a private small group tutorial with C.Johnson Makeup!


Having a makeup artist demonstrate techniques in front of you might be just what you and your girlfriends need to help breath some new life into your current beauty regimen.

If you are curious about learning how to achieve a certain look, or how to use a specific product, or want to know what all those different brush options are for, the beauty team at C.Johnson Makeup can DEFINITELY help you with that!


E-mail us anytime at Christy@cjohnsonmakeup.com to inquire about setting up a private tutorial.


Why Professional Hair and Makeup Sessions are the Best Gifts of All Time

There are several momentous occasions throughout life. Looking back, how grateful would you have been to go through a few of them with a professional beauty team in your corner?

Awkward high school years would have been a walk in the park.


Well keep this in mind the next time you or someone you love is celebrating life’s accolades- and consider giving the gift of professional hair and makeup.

Graduates will feel like the world is their oyster.

View More: http://jacquelinevegaphotography.pass.us/gabby-burdwell

Brides will take everyone’s breath away.

Future mama’s will glow for maternity photos.


Business owners will look like a million bucks.


The thing we love the most about our client’s reactions to styling, is how it makes them FEEL. Looking well put together, on a big day can put that extra pep in your step that you didn’t even know you needed. Stepping out of a makeup chair feeling beautiful is a guaranteed start to a great day.   Confidence is beautiful. It gives us great pride to see so many of our clients leaving with that special glow.

Jenna Boudoir-0007.jpg

SO- next time there is a special occasion and you are stumped for what gift to buy, consider a professional hair and makeup session. It really is a beautiful gift.

Polished, sophisticated, and feminine. Perfect hair and makeup for the Hyatt Regency in downtown Albuquerque.

If you are a sophisticate bride with a love for contemporary style then you will probably be a huge fan of the sleek and modern, minimalistic remodel of the Hyatt Regency’s Downtown property. With a venue like this, hair and makeup become very important accentuations to the wedding look. For this styled shoot we wanted the hair to be sophisticated, but also light and feminine to match the feeling of the lace top on the brides two piece wedding dress. To accessorize the hair further, we paired a gold leaf headband with loose but clean curly tendrils which we weaved into a perfect bridal bun. The makeup is an enhancement to her natural beauty with a pop of a bolder shadow on her lids. This unique chapel is the perfect background for a modern bride who loves a polished look and really wants to shine on her wedding day.

Photo By: Blue Rose Photography

Just a girl and her motorcycle: Riding thousands of miles for thousands of women.

C. Johnson Makeup had the great pleasure of doing hair and makeup for a very courageous traveler Lauren Trantham before her interview with KOB 4 and for this special shoot with the talented Lyndsey Garber.


Lauren is 6 weeks into a nearly 9 week ride that will take her 10,000 miles accross the country. Her journey is to spread awareness and raise money to support survivors of sex trafficking in the US through the Rebecca Bendor initiative. We think Lauren is a exceptional role model who inspires strength and empowerment for women everywhere. As a company that is owned and operated by women, we give a huge nod to Lauren and her cause.

We love following her story and we encourage you to do the same. So far she has helped to raise $41k but still has two more weeks on her trek left. She will continue to photograph survivors, create awareness and host events throug the end of this 10k mile journey. If you'd like to donate to this worthy cause and learn more about the beauty behind the bike please go to Generosity.com. You can find more info on her project and follow her journey through all social media outlets via this handle: Ride My Road.

KOB 4 Interview: http://l.facebook.com/l.php…

Photo Credit: Lyndsey Garber Photography Hair and Makeup: C. Johnson Makeup Model: Lauren Trantham

5 Easy Tips To Prep For Wedding Day Hair an Makeup

Every bride has high expectations for their wedding day, as they should. There is a ton of effort and money that goes into the planning and execution of a party on this grand scale. Here are a few tips from the pro's at C. Johnson Makeup to make sure your styling goes smoothly the day of the wedding:
  1. Prep Yourself- Arrive with clean, moisturized skin. Please put on Chapstick beforehand if needed. Hair should be clean & dry. Never arrive with wet hair unless your stylist has instructed you to do so. Also make sure brows are groomed. Timelines the day of the wedding typically do not allow for these tedious details to be tended to. So be prepared in advance.
  2. Allergies- It's very important to alert your artist of any potential skin or scalp sensitivities or allergies BEFORE the wedding day. This will allow your stylist the opportunity bring products to accommodate sensitive skin and allergies. If you have a product you use strictly, bring it for your application.
  3. Style Selections-  Each bridal party member should come prepared with one pre-selected hairstyle (photos are helpful). Makeup doesn’t have to be the same for each person, but it is ideal that it be in the same family of colors/styles. Keeping in mind the Bride gets final approval.
  4. The Basics- Please brush your teeth, use the restroom, & have breakfast or lunch prior to your makeup service. Eating in a makeup artists chair can cause major delays. Delegate tasks to others while getting your glam on for this special occasion. Trust us, your experience will be much more enjoyable if you take time to do the basics. No one wants to deal with a hangry wedding party.
  5. Timing- Make sure you and our wedding party stay on track with the schedule. For large wedding parties this is especially important. You don't want to be the bridesmaid who throws a wrench in finely tuned wedding day timeline.

If you and your crew abide by these five easy tips, EVERYONE involved will live happily ever after.

Using Nature As Your Backdrop

Bosque2.jpgEngagement photos are one of the highlights of your wedding journey so make sure your location is as on point as your makeup.  One of the most incredible, and typically free, options for bridal backgrounds is right under your feet. Literally! Don't neglect your natural surroundings as a contender for location. Go on hikes with your sweetheart and scout photo ops together. It's a great way to bond over wedding planning while you get in some exercise. Photographers love to shoot in natural light so while you are scouting take photos of the potential location so you can review your options later and don't forget to note the time of day to help decipher the ideal time for lighting. The day of the shoot,  take shoes to wear that will make your location accessible and then change on site as needed.  To create a custom stylized effect, add props that will embellish your photos to make them truly unique and personalized. This is a great way to showcase the beauty of your locality. For those  friends and family who will attend your event from out of state, they will enjoy seeing you in your natural surroundings. Thank you for this gorgeous photo from Blue Rose Photography.

Real Wedding

With a background in dancing & pageantry, our gorgeous bride, Carin looked incredible wearing a sophisticated makeup look, emphasizing her natural beauty. I took extra care to keep her makeup very clean & precise, & our team was especially excited to show off her beautiful hair by giving her a sexy, loose curl (which paired perfectly with the elegant neckline of her dress). Carin is undeniably beautiful & her bridal party was one of the most fun groups we've had the pleasure of doing makeup for! Leave it to wedding planner, Maria Socha from Sealed With A Kiss to coordinate a stunning wedding featuring bold red bridesmaids gowns & elegant white flowers amidst the gorgeous backdrop of Hotel Albuquerque. & thank goodness for the immeasurably talented Tony Gambino for capturing it all!

Chic & Stunning Hair & Makeup

Here are some of our favorite images from the Anniversary photo session we did at the end of August. Take a peek inside the beautiful new chapel at Hyatt Regency Albuquerque Downtown. Photos by Blue Rose Photography. Flowers by Albuquerque Florist, Inc.. Styling by Lauren, owner of Just Lovely Weddings. Makeup & Hair by us - C. Johnson Makeup. Groom's attire by Suits Unlimited Models: Emilia and Konrad.049bluerosephotography

Grecian Inspired Fantasy Hair & Makeup

Really there's no way to describe this hair & makeup; you just have to see it. I'm so proud of these images because it's the first photo shoot that I conceptualized. I have to send a HUGE, HUGE , HUGE, heartfelt "thank you" to Kristina at Blue Rose Photography for supporting, drawing out, & filling in the gaps on my vision. I could not have done anything even close to something as lovely as this without you!! Feast your eyes ladies & gents... Thanks to Sophia for having the best hair in the world for this braid & for knowing how to work a flowy dress like a boss!

Location: Hotel Parq Central


Engagement Photo Session: Hair & Makeup

This was one of our first brides & I can't believe we never posted a blog about her! She was so sweet & we absolutely loved working with this naturally beautiful bride. In preparation for her wedding day, we provided her with a hair & makeup trial on the day of her engagement photo shoot. Any good photographer will tell you that a professional makeup application is critical for excellent photos, even if the desired look is very natural. A good photo-ready makeup application should obscure any dark shadows, highlight the cheekbones, and emphasize the eyes. We always lightly fill in the eyebrows & add some color to the cheeks because bright lighting & camera flash can cause the natural color in our faces to become washed out. We wanted this gorgeous girl's natural beauty to shine through & we made sure to highlight all of her best features (Hello BOMBSHELL EYELASHES!). ImageImageImageImage

Ultra-Elegant Bridal Hair & Makeup

For this photo shoot I paired bold, elegant makeup with classic, romantic hair. I wanted to make sure that Emily's makeup was noticeable enough to stand up to the beauty of the landscape & the bright, outdoor lighting. Then, I selected the hairstyle with her gorgeous hair in mind. I wanted to simultaneously emphasize the beauty of Emily's hair while allowing it to flow softly in the gentle breezes of our lovely New Mexico landscape. I hope you all enjoy these photos as much as I do & maybe this hair & makeup will give you a little inspiration for your own wedding day or photo session. :) Hair & Makeup: C. Johnson Makeup

Venue: Paa-ko Ridge Golf Course & Event Center

Photography: Emily Joanne Weddings

Flowers: Floriography Flowers

Model: Emily Tafoya

90's Inspired Boho Hair & Makeup

We had the crazy fun opportunity to do something we absolutely love - our take on 90's hair  & makeup (I'll never not feel like the 90's were only a few years ago </3 ). Photos by the always amazing Alicia Lucia Photography

Hair & Makeup by C. Johnson Makeup & Hair

Model: Kelcie Diglio

Unique Vintage Bridal Hair & Makeup

This hauntingly beautiful photo shoot came together based on the inspiration of a beautiful lace overlay dress & the imagination of Kristina at Blue Rose Photography. Thanks to the help of Albuquerque Florist, an elegant model- Heyjoo, & C. Johnson Makeup, these photos are some of my favorite in my current body of work. 158

002  027 018 2094

We are currently working on having these images published, otherwise I'd love to share more, but this is all for now.

Quick & Easy Tips: Preparing for Your Bridal Makeup & Hair Appointment

Good afternoon lovelies! As a makeup artist, I almost always see the inner list-maker come out in my clients when they have a major event in the future (say... an upcoming wedding?). For this reason, I supply all of my bridal clients with a simple list of guidelines & suggestions for preparing to have their hair & makeup done on what I like to call, "their loveliest day".

There are some very simple things that a client can do to help make sure that their bridal makeup & hair are absolutely spectacular. These guidelines help us do our jobs the best way we possibly can to ensure that our clients get the most relaxing, seamless, & most convenient hair & makeup application possible. We can do a lot with hair styling & makeup, but the final results will be oh so much better if our canvas is well prepared. *On a side note: These guidelines take very little time & are really wonderful habits to get in to regularly anyway.

Drum roll please! Here are the tips for anyone preparing for their wedding:

1. Drink Plenty of Water: We live in the desert for goodness sakes! Dehydration is killer for our skin; it makes us look dull, tired, & older than we actually are. Well hydrated skin is elastic, luminous, & supple. Elastic, luminous, supple skin is the ideal (I mean PERFECT) canvas for a great makeup application.


2. Exfoliate: Even when we're properly hydrating our skin, over time dead cells can layer up causing our skin to become dull. Exfoliating is our best & quickest tool for that luminous glow I mentioned earlier (particularly if we haven't been staying hydrated like we should). Please use gentle products that you're familiar with & treat your skin kindly (don't scrub too hard!).

3. Don't Forget Your Lips: You can exfoliate them too! Follow up with a moisturizing lip balm. Lipstick goes on some much more beautifully when the lips underneath are smooth, & free of dry skin.

4. Take it Easy: Avoid unnecessary beauty treatments too close to your wedding day. Here's what I mean: If you've never had a fake tan, don't get one the day before your wedding. Don't get a chemical peel, microdermabrasion, or get waxed too close to your wedding day. Don't start using new products, no matter how great the reviews, too close to your wedding day. Don't cut or dye your hair within the week of your wedding (especially somewhere new!). I've heard (& seen) way too many horror stories of allergic reactions, bad hair cuts, breakouts, & overly stressed skin. Just please, please be gentle with your skin. You're beautiful & you will be gorgeous on your wedding day without handfuls of expensive & harsh beauty procedures.


5. Get Comfy: It's your wedding day so make yourself comfortable while you're getting ready. Strap marks & indentations (from bra straps, usually) cannot be covered with makeup & will show up in photos & in person. Go for it & wear whatever you want. We don't mind!

6. Get Your Rest: This one can be tough when you're getting ready for your wedding. Really, really tough... I know. But seriously, do your best. Rested skin, is happy skin & dark circles mean more makeup. Plus, if you get plenty of sleep in the nights preceding your wedding you'll reduce your chances of feeling anxious & irritable.

7.  Take a Break: The less you do, the more we can do for you. Don't worry about styling your hair or starting your makeup. Your natural hair texture is the best place for us to start when styling your hair, so wash it the night before (preferably) or that morning & come to us with dry or damp hair. We'll take care of the rest. If you need sunblock, let us know, we'll apply one that we know works very well in photos & looks good under makeup. Arrive with clean, freshly moisturized skin & let us take it from there.

8. Be Honest: We want you to be absolutely thrilled with your hair & makeup on your wedding day. You will not hurt our feelings (trust me), if you tell us that you want a brighter shade of pink or more mascara. Make sure you're very clear when telling us about the makeup & hair you're envisioning (pictures please!).


9. Enjoy Yourself: The best (ABSOLUTE best) thing you can do for your makeup artist & hairstylist is to relax & let us pamper you. Enjoy yourself, & have a good time on your wedding day. Find a helper to field your phone calls, questions, & any possible wedding day emergencies (at least for the time you're getting your hair & makeup done). I promise, this will allow you to have a better experience & will help us get your hair & makeup done more quickly.

& there we have it! I promise, these simple tips will help make sure you have a wonderful experience next time you get your hair & makeup done professionally.



Chicken with Mushrooms & Asparagus: Low Calorie & Satisfying

I know that as a makeup artist, my blog centers on makeup & beauty, but I wanted to share this recipe because I absolutely love it. In an effort to shed some unwanted weight, I have been counting calories, increasing my water consumption, & increasing my physical activity. For me, the biggest component to weight-loss has always been counting calories. In an effort to maintain a nutritious & balanced diet while counting calories, I find that I cook at home much more often because, let's face it, restaurant diet food is just never very good (if you can find it at all). This recipe is my 'go to' for calorie counting, when I'm not sure what else to make. It contains a good amount of healthy fat & protein; it is filling, tasty, & satisfying & very quick & easy to make. The asparagus offers a bit of 'crunch' to satisfy the need for texture too. Adding garlic or red pepper flakes is also wonderful for adding flavor & I've recently read a lot of information which suggests that spicy foods help to stimulate the metabolism. The final thing I really love about this recipe is that it is versatile; in the past, I have eaten it for four or five lunches in one week by swapping out peeled shrimp in place of the chicken or by adding other veggies like broccoli, onions, spinach, or thinly sliced squash.

Here is the basic recipe for a single serving:

1 TBSP organic garlic infused olive oil (basic olive oil is also good. We purchased our delicious oil from Albuquerque Olive Oil Co.)

4 oz frozen chicken strips (I used Fully Cooked Tyson Grilled Chicken Breasts)

4-5 large stalks of asparagus with the bottoms snapped off & broken into 1 inch pieces

2-3 sliced mushrooms

1/2 tsp. minced garlic

1/4 tsp red pepper flakes

1/4 tsp onion powder

1/4 tsp garlic salt

Start by heating  the oil on med-high in a small skillet. Add the garlic, asparagus, chicken, spices & mushrooms & sauté, covered until the mushrooms begin to release their juices & the chicken is fully thawed & begins to form a golden brown color. Stir occasionally, cooking takes approximately 5 minutes.

Chicken Recipe

See? Very quick & easy. I hope you enjoy it & if you're calorie counting right now, like I am, best of luck- we can do this :)