The Key to Enjoying Your Wedding Day

Ok, let's start off with a hard truth: your wedding day has the potential to be either the most wonderful & exciting or one of the most stressful days of your entire life & your wedding vendors are a huge part of that. You deserve to have a carefree, beautiful, naturally fun wedding. From a vendor who has worked hundreds of weddings over the past 10 years, allow me to share my thoughts on how to have it. To keep things light & enjoyable I strongly believe that the energy between you & your vendors should be just right. You can't do it all yourself & there are no "do-overs" on your big day, therefore you will be trusting some of the most beautiful moments of your life to your wedding vendors. It is SO important that they "get" you, share your vision, & are fully able to understand & support your dream. Knowing that you can count on your vendors is, in my opinion, the most critical element to fully enjoying the dream wedding you've been pouring all your time & energy in to planning.

In my time & experience, I am lucky to say that I have had hundreds of brides who I genuinely adore & enjoy spending time with. I cannot even describe how this simple detail makes the work I do immeasurably better! OF COURSE I want to blow you away & knock your socks off if I feel like we're gonna continue on to be friends after your wedding day. Trust me, you want your vendors to share your excitement for your wedding day instead of solely relying on professionalism to get the job done.

So, at the end of the day, my advice to you is this: Follow your instincts. Get to know your vendors beyond their portfolio or past reviews. Talk to them & imagine how you'll feel spending a whole day in their presence (particularly a day when emotions & stakes are high). Can you imagine this person hanging out with your family for a whole day? Show your vendors who you are & let them get to know you so that we can embrace your style help you achieve your dreams. If it doesn't feel natural or effortless, consider finding another vendor, one who you vibe with & who gets excited about the same things you do. At the end of the day, your experience of your wedding day is the most important thing - find vendors who will get the job done & make you feel good as well.