Excited For Fall!

I know I wont be the only one to feel this way but... I'm so excited for fall! It's the time of year when I feel like my style really hits a sweet spot. I mean, who doesn't feel cute in off the should sweaters, leggings, boots, & scarves. The clothing options this time of year are endless & there's no more pressure to be tan. Yay for embracing fair skin - If you're like me & can't get a tan to save your tush, you'll know what a relief this is! & let's talk makeup: we ALL know the traditional fall trends; maroon lips; golds, creams, & taupe on the eyes, less color in the face & more on the lips... what's not to love? It's just so universally flattering! Oh boy, I just can't wait. So for the next few weeks, don't mind me... I'll just be over here sipping my pumpkin spice chai, with my autumn scented candle warmers as I look forward to these trends to getting back in to full swing.