My Top Tips for Awesome Skin

Good morning friends, It's getting chilly here in New Mexico so I'm bundled up in front of the computer looking over recent emails & Facebook posts & I found something interesting that I wanted to share. I think it will be helpful to a lot of you out there. So, I hope you're all staying nice & cozy wherever you are & I hope you enjoy the following blog post containing excerpts from a recent email conversation I had with a friend.

This friend of mine contacted me because he needed help clearing up his facial & body acne. He emailed saying that he had tried Proactive & his skin only got worse. I could totally relate! I had the exact same experience using Proactive. Now I will say that I know Proactive has helped a lot of people, so I don't want to say that it's a terrible product, but it was definitely way too harsh for me personally. Many of my clients say the same. For those who are able to tolerate the harshness of the product, it seems to work well, but for those of us with any sensitivity, it can wreak absolute havoc. For me, Proactive caused burning, extreme dryness, & then, as a result, an intense over-production of oil as my skin tried to compensate for how Proactive stripped all the sebum from my skin.

So here is my best tip when it comes to skin & skincare products: You don't have to "FIGHT" with your skin. I know that sometimes it feels like a battle, but your skin isn't trying to do you harm. Blemishes, oil, dryness... they are all your skin's way of trying to balance itself out & sometimes it just needs a little help. Listen to what your skin is trying to tell you & work with it to achieve the beautiful, flawless complexion you're dreaming of. If a product seems to be too harsh, stop using it, even if everyone else seems to think it's a miracle in a bottle. We're all very different & so is our skin; it may take time, but just keep looking for what works for you specifically (samples are awesome for this reason!). New complexion regimens take about 30 days to produce visible results so buy in small amounts until you find exactly what your skin needs, but absolutely do not put up with increased sensitivity or irritation; those are not signs of a beneficial skincare product (skincare should heal & soothe).

I also recommend using as many natural products as possible. While it is still possible to have an allergy or sensitivity to natural products (just as many people have allergies to plants) it is a  lot less likely. Not to mention it is comforting to know exactly what you're using & that it isn't full of crazy chemicals that have who-knows-what kind of side effects. In the past six years of working with all-natural products I have only ever had one client who had a negative reaction to some of my suggested (lavender & tea tree oil, which caused a mild allergy-like symptom, so we simply omitted those from her skincare & found some other things that worked well).

Finally, (& you'll probably know this one already) I suggest drinking lots & lots & lots & lots.... of water. Very few of us actually drink the recommended amount of water per day so even though this is a suggestion that we all hear often, it's worth repeating. Staying well hydrated supports all functions of our bodies & especially healthy skin. It helps keep us looking glowy & smooth from the inside out & supports the cleansing functions of our bodies allowing the toxins to escape through normal elimination rather than being pushed out of the skin in the form of blemishes. For an added boost, squeeze a bit of lemon in your water for the benefit of Vitamin C & citric acid which also helps get rid of acne. (Citrus is awesome for getting rid of acne, by the way!). If you workout or have an active job where you sweat a lot make sure to wash up quickly (sweaty skin is bacteria covered skin) & replace all the lost moisture with plenty of water.

Above all else, listen to your skin & don't over do it with harsh products. Even cleaning with gentle, all-natural products too often can be bad. Your skin wants to be balanced & healthy, so give it a little space to do that. Follow these guidelines & spend some time figuring out what works for you. If the products you are using now aren't giving you the results you want, discontinue them all & then start slowly, using one new product at a time, giving each about 30 days to see the results.

I welcome questions & comments & love to share what I have learned about skincare so please don't hesitate to strike up a conversation!

Best wishes!