Bridal Beauty Checklist


This is the checklist I provide to all my brides when they book their bridal makeup application with me. It's just a few simple guidelines & tips for the days & weeks leading up to the wedding to help prevent bridal beauty emergencies. This list also makes a great guideline for any special event that requires beauty preparation in advance.


If possible, make arrangements to have your facial, spray tan, waxing, & reshaping of brows done early in the week so your face has time to heal from potential redness & breakouts. It is also advisable not to try any beauty treatment that you have never before experienced, particularly a new hair color, hair cut, or facial. It's best to stick with procedures that you know work well with your style, hair, complexion, etc... If you're set on trying something new, plan to schedule a trial at least a month before the wedding to ensure that you don't have any negative reaction.


Exfoliation should be done 1-2 days prior to the wedding. I recommend a simple mixture of granulated sugar & lemon juice (lightly rubbed in a circular motion over the face for a few moments then rinsed off with cool water); for sensitive skin, try a mixture of olive or coconut oil & sugar. (This mixture is also an excellent remedy for chapped lips, leaving them supple & deliciously smooth.)


When having a makeup application the day of your wedding brides & bridal party clients should arrive with a clean, freshly moisturized face or bring their favorite facial care products to cleanse & moisturize with. Because skincare products are so personalized & because our skin prefers consistency, it is best to use products that you are comfortable with. While most reputable makeup artists are happy to cleanse & moisturize your skin, there's no guarantee that your skin will be receptive to the products that makeup artist might use.


It is ideal to wear strapless bras & loose clothing during your makeup application if your wedding gown exposes the shoulders or other areas of skin; makeup will not conceal strap marks or clothing indentations. Not to mention, you want to be able to relax & enjoy your morning before the festivities!


This one might be a no-brainer, but it is worth stating. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water in the days leading up to the wedding. Hydrated, glowing skin is the ideal canvas for a beautiful makeup application. Additionally, you're probably planning on popping the bubbly during your wedding reception & the best weapon in combating a honeymoon hangover is hydration, so make sure to sip plenty of water.

*Notes & other tips: At my bridal consultations, I also give my brides the option of having a custom bridal beauty kit put together for touch ups. I like to include oil-blotting sheets, mints, makeup refreshing/setting spray, lip liner, lipstick, & tissues. However, of course, these items are a simple guideline & are customized based on the bride & makeup look. I also offer my brides the option of hiring me on as their "personal makeup artist"; meaning I'll stay with them on an hourly basis, touching them up throughout the reception, as needed.