My Makeup Philosophy

I often skim images of 'makeup' on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc & have noticed a trend toward bold, colorful, thick, & heavy makeup, similar to what is often worn behind the counters of the MAC makeup store. While I can appreciate the technical skill that goes into a look like this, I just don't believe that it is the most attractive & beautiful style of makeup application. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that every girl who works at MAC is overdoing it, or that this look doesn't work on some people in certain situations. I'm just saying that this style doesn't align with my personal makeup philosophy. I believe that makeup should highlight YOUR own unique, natural beauty. Gorgeous cheekbones? Let's highlight those suckers. Beautiful eyes, let's frame them with well-defined eyebrows. Beautiful lips, beautiful bold lipstick. While there are some universal makeup tricks that work well on everyone there are a lot more makeup styles & applications that aren't great for everyone. Let's face it, granny probably wont look great in Kim K's smoked out eye.

Now that I've highlighted what I think doesn't work how about I tell you what I think does work. I believe that every. single. person. is absolutely gorgeous in his or her own way. Even if you have concerns about the condition of your skin, or maybe the fine lines around your eyes there is something about you that is beautiful & attractive. Obviously we all have insecurities & makeup is a wonderful tool to minimize those issues, but I feel it's an even better tool to highlight the things we love about ourselves. That's why I always chat with my clients to determine what she likes/dislikes & how I can formulate the perfect makeup look for her. I always custom blend foundation color to ensure a perfect skin match. I always adjust makeup to suit the client & I work really hard to listen carefully to exactly what she is asking for. I do commonly find myself making suggestions, of course, & often recommend something my client had never tried or considered & turns out to absolutely love. That's when I pat myself on the back & say 'job well done, Christy'. My goal is to make each client happy while appreciating & elevating her natural beauty, without applying every product & every makeup trick in my bag.