Brand New Blog

Good morning all, I just wanted to write a quick blurb to explain all the changes in my business; specifically in my online presence. In the last three months, I have really 'kicked it in to high gear' & made a lot of changes to my business. I have drastically changed my website appearance, registered a new domain name, I am currently creating custom email addresses, changing the blog, switching the blog site I use from the built-in blog tool on my website to WordPress, updating Facebook, creating Instagram, Pinterest, & probably a few more things I can't even think about right now. In general, I am busting my tail trying to make my business as professional online as it is offline. When I have accomplished all of these tasks I've outlined, I plan to start purchasing some real advertisement & new business cards & then hopefully we'll see a big payoff for all the hard work & time I'm committing now. Although it has been a fun & educational (much trial & error) experience, I am ready to get back to focusing on my passion... MAKEUP! I love making my clients look beautiful much more than I enjoy making a website look pretty.

Anyway, I hope my fans, friends, & followers are all sticking with me through these changes.